Have your own benefits guru.

At MEBO, we become an extension of your HR team and take a high-tech, high-touch, and socially responsible approach to providing the best benefits for your employees.

Modern Employee Benefits Organization (MEBO) was founded with the belief that every client partner is different.

Your employees deserve access to the best health and benefits options available, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

We’ll support you end-to-end starting with:

Identifying key pain points

 Developing a sustainable cost-savings strategy

Implementing the best solutions

Who We Are

Who We Are

We’re More Than Benefits Brokers

We’re Employee Benefits Gurus

We help your organization design and implement modern health and benefits solutions for tomorrow’s work-force. As an active partner and extension of your HR team, we pride ourselves on our high-tech, high-touch service promise, and robust resources.

We’re Enhanced Benefits Providers

We help you identify core benefits gaps, implement sustainable enhanced solutions, and truly educate your employees. We understand the pain points of employee recruitment, retention, and being competitive with employer-sponsored plans.

We’re Employee Engagers

We know the impact health and engagement of your employees has on your bottom line. We’re here to support you with pre and post enrollment and communication. We help educate, mentor and check in on the financial wellness of your workforce.

We’re Employee Advocates

We believe that self-service is no service. We use technology and a concierge approach to help your employees navigate the complexities of the healthcare system in a way that boosts efficiency and drives results.

Less Headaches, More Harmony

We’re in the business of taking care of people, and doing the right thing. If you’re dreading the upcoming enrollment season, let us help you and get you back to working on the important stuff.

Ready to get started?

Start giving your employee’s the best benefits, while saving your budget. MEBO is ready to help you leverage and tackle the benefits market.